A New Addition

On April 26th we added Opal to our family. It was love at first sight for me and Macha is quickly adjusting big sisterhood. 

Opal is a black lab mix from Alabama, and I’m looking forward to her learning what it’s like to be a Vermont dog.

Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest 2018

Every year I make the trek back to my hometown to attend the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest. And every year I have an absolute blast meeting a wide variety of climbers. This event brings people from different corners of the world together to swing some ice tools and gain some vertical elevation. Whether they have never touched an ice tool before or spent years honing their skills, they all bring a level of excitement to the event. Without them this event wouldn’t be celebrating it’s 25th year!

This winter marked the fourth year in a row, I have had the pleasure of volunteering and taking photos. 

River - Senior Portraits

When my cousin River asked me to take her senior portraits, I couldn’t have been more excited. After some planning, I drove over from Vermont and met her after school at a location that looks out at the Moat Mountain Range. This shoot was the perfect opportunity for the two of us to catch up and talk about the future. I am always in awe of the level of intellect that this girl possesses. Watch out world, she is going to do amazing things! 

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