Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest 2016

One of my favorites things about the climbing community is its diversity.  The Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest draws people from near and far with varying backgrounds and climbing experiences.  You can find first-timers, dirt-bags and professionals alike, all taking to the frozen waterfalls that are scattered around the picturesque area.

This is the second year that I’ve received the opportunity to volunteer and document this awesome event.  Spending the weekend in my old backyard, and a few shameless hours at Frontside Grind with some familiar faces, is well worth the trek home.

Here are a few of the shots I got:

Junior Studio

Quite the semester this has been, I feel as though I have grown greatly as an artist.  Junior Studio is the first major stepping stone I’ve taken towards senior year and my capstone project.  My class’ studio time was taught in tandem with the senior’s studio class, allowing me to get a glimpse into what next year has in store.  Here is the work that I produced over the semester:





Self-Directed II

Context Details:

Self Directed Details:

The Blood Moon

Watching the stars has been something that I’ve loved to do ever since I was a little kid riding back from a camp fire in my little red wagon late at night.  My dad would pull me along and point out the constellations.  Which is why I wasn’t surprised when I got a text from him during the night of lunar eclipse a few weeks ago saying “Check out the moon.”  Little did he know, I was already posted up in the yard beside my apartment with a tripod and some slow shutter speeds, the only thing missing was a telephoto lens.


Twenty-Fifteen was a huge year for travel! In August after my cousin’s Washington State wedding, I made my way from Seattle to Portland, OR to visit my good friend Robert. I was absolutely thrilled to see him for the first time since graduating high school, and to adventure in the new place that he calls home. 

Portland is a place that I’ve been itching to see for years now, and it exceeded my expectations. Robert showed me around some of his favorite places including the Japanese Gardens, Powell’s Book Store and the food truck blocks. We also wandered around the Reed College campus, checked out the various thrift shops scattered around the city, went to the rose gardens (in honor of Portland’s nickname, Rose City), and got lost a few times while using the bus system.

Though I was unable to photograph it, Powell’s was hands down the highlight of my trip. I have always been a bookworm and spending hours immersed in the city block-sized book store made me giddy. However I did also enjoy the tons of thrift shops scattered around the city. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore Portland with me Robert! I can’t wait to come back again. 

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