Camel’s Hump “Sunrise” Wedding - Kim & Chris

Meeting at the trailhead at 4 am to hike to the top of one of Vermont’s most scenic summits to take photos of your friend’s intimate sunrise wedding ceremony isn’t an opportunity that arises every day. So when Chris reached out to ask if I’d like to document this thru-hiking couple’s special day, there wasn’t any question as to whether or not I’d take the gig. I was in!

In classic Vermont fashion, the weather didn’t cooperate, and Chris and Kim got married in a cloud. But that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, in fact, Kim even said she liked it better that way because it ensured we would have the whole summit to ourselves. 

A New Addition

On April 26th we added Opal to our family. It was love at first sight for me and Macha is quickly adjusting big sisterhood. 

Opal is a black lab mix from Alabama, and I’m looking forward to her learning what it’s like to be a Vermont dog.

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