Kismet Rock Foundation

Kismet Rock Foundation is a non-profit climbing school that helps children in need through their developmental teen years via an education in technical rock climbing and a family like atmosphere.

This program came into my life in 2007, when I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to be a student. Since then I have interned for the organization and I am now one of three alumni in-house staff members.

Kismet has opened so many doors for me, by giving me the courage to stand up for what I believe in and work towards my goals. As well as igniting my passion for doing things that some people may find crazy, like climbing up and hanging off of cliffs with little fear.

The kids that I currently work with are some of the strongest and most amazing individuals that I have encountered in my entire life. They teach me something new every second that I spend with them and I’m honored to call them a part of my Kismet Family.

This past summer while I volunteered at the cliff with the them, I took some time to practice my climbing photography skills. Here was the outcome…

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